Laser Surgeries

No Scalpels, No Sutures?

Advanced Laser Surgeries

At Tustin Avenue Dental Team we are able to use our AMD Diode Laser and Deka CO2 laser in most cases for soft tissue surgery and gum care.  Lasers allow Dr. Oh to accomplish more complex tasks, reduce blood loss, decrease postoperative discomfort, reduce the chance of wound infection, and achieve better wound healing compared to traditional surgeries.

Procedures Where We Can Use Lasers 

  • Laser Frenectomy Evaluation Upper/Lower
  • Tongue Tie Surgery Evaluation
  • Infant Tongue Tie Evaluation
  • Gummy Smile Surgery Evaluation
  • Laser Biopsy or Lesion Evaluation

Fast Facts: Laser Surgeries

  • Medical lasers are medical devices that use precisely focused light sources to treat or remove tissues.
  • Often referred to as “bloodless surgery,” laser procedures usually involve less bleeding than conventional surgery.
  • The heat generated by the laser keeps the surgical site free of germs and reduces the risk of infection. Because a smaller incision is required, laser procedures often take less time than traditional surgery.
  • Sealing off blood vessels and nerves reduces bleeding, swelling, scarring, pain, and the length of the recovery period.

Patient Laser Surgery Results:

Before: Patient Gummy Smile
After: CO2 Laser Gummy Smile Correction
Before: Patient Lower Lip Tie
After: Lower Lip Tie Deka CO2 Laser
Before: Patient Tongue Tie
After: Tongue Tie Deka CO2 Laser