A Tooth Replacement Solution with On-Site Convenience

Dentures reduce your risk of gum and bone disease and help you look younger too. Full or partial dentures are a treatment option if you have multiple missing teeth. 

Quick, affordable tooth replacement

Dentures can restore the function and appearance of your teeth following tooth loss. Improve your oral health and quality of life with full or partial dentures.

Partial dentures (or bridges) attach to your available and existing teeth. The procedure can be removable or fixed and will fill the gaps where your teeth are missing.

Full or complete dentures replace your entire upper or lower section (arch) of teeth. Your dentures fit on top of your existing bone and gum tissue and are secured by topical pressure or dental adhesive.

A good time to consider tooth replacement with dentures includes

  • When you have a difficult time eating, chewing, and generally enjoying meal times
  • When you are easily misunderstood during conversations because you’re having difficulty pronouncing words
  • When you want to prevent your facial muscles from sagging
  • When you want to restore and improve your ability to smile

Care for your dentures as you would your natural teeth

  • Prevent staining and bad breath
  • Use a soft tooth brush for daily oral hygiene
  • Soak your dentures to remove stains and preserve their appearance
  • Store them in water when not in use
  • Preserve your gum health by removing them during night-time sleep
  • Schedule routine dental examinations to maintain a proper fit


Fast Facts: Dentures

  • Dentures don’t just allow the wearer to eat and speak more normally; they’re also a big boost to confidence!
  • In addition to offering quality fitted dentures, TADT is also the site of a mini-residency training for denture occlusal therapy.
  • We are pleased to offer a variety of implant placement designs for effective implant overdenture treatment.