Fill Your Tooth Gaps and Restore Your Ability to Chew

Missing teeth can interfere with your tooth function. A dental bridge can restore you ability to bite and chew.

Restore your smile

A dental bridge restores your damaged or missing teeth. The treatment improves your appearance with a natural-looking tooth replacement that fills the gaps caused by missing or damaged teeth.

Your dental bridge can also prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting and affecting your bite. 

  • Restore the health of your bite and ability to chew
  • Maintain your facial shape and facial muscle tone
  • Improve the appearance of your smile and restore your confidence

A convenient, cost-effective dental restoration

Dental bridges use your healthy, adjacent teeth for support. This helps assure that your bridge fits properly and blends with your existing teeth.

You have a choice when selecting your dental bridge. Choose from a fixed or removable option.

A fixed bridge uses abutment teeth with permanent crowns on each side of your tooth gap. The treatment is stable, functions like your natural teeth, and is easy to maintain. 

A removable bridge (or partial) fastens to your surrounding teeth with clasps. The treatment costs less than a fixed bridge and can be removed for future dental restorations if necessary.

  • Care for your dental bridge to maintain its function.
  • Clean under your bridgework to prevent food build-up.
  • Gently handle you removable bridge to avoid damage.
  • Clean your bridgework often as you would your natural teeth. 
  • Request specific care products from our dental office to give proper care to your bridgework