Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

There have been major advances in non-surgical periodontal treatment for chronic gum disease. Because we believe in using non-invasive procedures whenever we possible, we will take every opportunity to help you control a periodontal disease problem non-surgically first, and then reevaluate to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. If surgical treatment is required, the treatment will maximize your comfort and your ability to regrow lost periodontal support.

Fast Facts: Gum Disease Treatment

  • Because we’re committed to minimally invasive dental health care, we work to help you control periodontal disease non-surgically before trying surgical solutions.
  • At TADT, we use Ellman Electro-Surgitron in gum surgery for minimal bleeding and faster healing.
  • TADT is pleased to provide ozone therapy during gum surgery to control localized infection and prevent infection in the future.

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