About LEDS

Tustin Avenue Dental Team is a leader in the ever-changing world of oral health. Through the Leading Edge Dental Seminar, we provide continuing education for dental professionals across Orange County.

The Leading Edge Dental Seminar includes the following for dental professionals:

Bracket Placement and Level & Alignment

Session 1 & 2:  Diagnostic Cephalometrics

Session 3: When to extract?

Session 4: Typodont exercises

Session 5 & 6:  Early treatment determination

Mechanics and Advanced Diagnosis

Session 7: Management of impacted teeth

Session 8: Crossbite correction/TMJ

Session 9: Class II Dx and Tx planning

Session 10: Class III Dx and Tx planning

Session 11 & 12:  Principles of mechanics and Extraction space closure

Finishing and Tx of Advanced Cases

Session 13 & 14:  Vertical considerations and Reduction of gingival display

Session 15: Finishing

Session 16: Orthognathic surgery and Tx of bi-maxillary of protrusion

Session 17:   Bone augmentation to prepare ridges for implants

Session 18 & 19:  Gummy Smile Correction

Session 20 – 24:  More Finishing and Treatment review of ongoing cases

For inquiry and registration information

Contact seminar organizer Dr. Christine Oh at

(714) 235 9457 or ohhdentist@yahoo.com