Fillings & Extractions


Your teeth are tough, but from time to time, you may find yourself in need of a filling. Usually, the damage to a tooth in need of a filling is the result of caries or some sort of trauma to the tooth. A dental filling is made of a restorative material such as gold, porcelain or composite resin and is used to fill gaps or structural damage in a tooth. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of filling material. We’ll discuss your options with you in as much detail as you like when you come in for your appointment.


Sometimes, a tooth just has to go. An extraction is often performed when a tooth becomes impacted because it is prevented from growing into its normal position in the mouth by gum tissue, bone or other teeth. Teeth may also be extracted to make more room in the mouth for orthodontic treatment. These teeth are only removed if they are so badly positioned that straightening them is impossible or because they are so badly decayed or broken that they cannot be restored. Tooth extractions can usually be performed with local anesthesia and are minimally invasive and painless.

Fast Facts: Fillings

  • The most common reason to need a filling is the gap left by a cavity.
  • The location and size of the filling usually dictates what material will be used.
  • We are pleased to offer ozone therapy for advanced carious lesions to help patients avoid the need for root canal treatments.

Fast Facts: Extractions

  • You might need a tooth extraction if a tooth is heavily decayed, can’t grow properly or can’t be corrected through orthodontic treatment.
  • We are pleased to offer conscious sedation for patients who are anxious about the procedure.
  • At TADT, we use the Digital Pano-X Ray to ensure an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis before recommending a tooth extraction.
  • We also use Growth Factor therapy for faster and improved healing so that you can be about your everyday life again as soon as possible.
  • Because we’re dedicated to the long-term health of your smile, TADT uses Piezo technology to remove only as much bone or tissue as is needed. This ensures faster healing and better long-term oral health and comfort for, you, the patient!

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